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I don't know about you, but having shiny and healthy hair can make a huge difference to your self esteem. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than having dry, flat or damaged hair. Trust me...I've been there many times before.
That's why taking care of your locks is so important.

Over the years, my hair has had it up's and down's, from split ends to substantial hair fallage. It basically depends on the time of year and climate also.
At the present time, my hair not looking to bad. By following these tips below, you too can have lucious locks. :)

Today, this blog post will include my personal tips & tricks to having happy and healthy hair...that's right. your hair can be happy too!

Following, are the topics which I'll share with you today:

  • Basic hair care
  • Heated tools & your hair
  • Dyed vs 'A La Naturale'
  • "Old wives tales" under scrutany

Here we go!


Basic hair care:

The best tip I can give to you based on basic hair care is, know your hair type.
Whether you have dry, oily or normal hair (not dry or oily).
Depending of what type of hair you have, makes it easier to treat/ mange the issue you may be facing. For example;

Dry hair: You may need to regularly deep condition your hair, or use leave in hair oils in order to lock in extra nutrients.

Oily hair: I recommend shampooing your hair in the morning, but don't shampoo again. Many people make the mistake of shampooing too often which can cause your scalp to actually produce more oil.

Suprisingly enough, brushing your hair frequently can cause your scalp to produce more oil, so use a wide tooth comb (or fingers) when possible to style your hair and then leave it alone if you can.

Normal hair: If you believe you have normal hair, my only tip would be to stick with your usual it's obviously working for you :)

Just remember to wash and condition regularly...but not too regularly! Plus, don't risk future damage by over-usage of heated hair tools such as, straighteners etc.

This then leads into my second topic,

Heated tools & your hair:

Styling tools (i.e. flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers) apply high levels of heat directly to the hair. Unprotected hair, or hair that is subjected to such heat, may eventually lead to excessive hair damage...which is not good news!
With these simple tips you can reduce the risk of ruining your locks:

  • Look for tools that offer different heat settings
  • Buy good quality tools (Click link for example)
  • Protect your hair by using hair protectants before applying heat. Many heat protectants contain silicone, which acts as a protective coating for hair.

Dyed vs 'A La Naturale':

It really depends on the condition of your hair to begin with and the kind of color you intend using. If your hair is dry, brittle and damaged before you apply any hair color then the process will probably make your hair worse.

'Bleaching' is the harshest process because the bleach kills the hair's natural color molecules and, in turn, dries the hair out. Bleach also keeps working the longer you leave it on your hair (up to about 45 mins), meaning that the process needs to be timed correctly or else serious damage can be done.

Permanent hair color doesn't remain active, so things can't go as wrong as they can with bleach, but it strips the color similar to the way bleach does and can dry your hair out too.

Semi-permanents are the least damaging processes if you feel like coloring your hair (since they're not permanent and wash out eventually) and they even sometimes coat and protect the cuticle from harmful sun and heat appliances.


"Old wives tales" under scrutany:

1. "Blow-drying produces hair loss" 

FALSE: Blow-drying can damage, burn or dry hair, which can cause it to fall, but the hair will grow back immediately. This is not permanent hair loss.

2. "Wearing tight braids, ponytails or buns causes baldness"

TRUE: Traction alopecia is a very real hair loss condition that is quite common amongst older African American women. It results from wearing tight ponytails, cornrows or buns over an extended period of time. Over time, hair breakage or loss as the result of tight, stressed styles, can become permanent. Avoid this potential problem by opting for looser styles that minimize scalp tension.

3. "To get your hair to grow, brush 100 strokes each day"

FALSE: Brushing that much can damage the hair cuticle. NOT recommended! Actually, your hair reacts better to a comb than a brush. Brushing it will only lead to split ends and hair breakage 

4. "Diet is related to hair loss"

TRUE: it’s important to eat right in order to be generally healthy. However, no individual food has been proven to be beneficial or detrimental to hair.

'n my new hair colour

What's your secret to happy & healthy hair?

That's about all for today. Hope you enjoyed! 

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Stay pretty xx

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