Bad Fish ;)

Hi guys.....gals mostly ;) I've had a slight change of heart...this blog entry will be totally different to my usual. A quick question, do you ever feel like nobody is listening? No matter how many times you beg and response. Well this happens to me all the time. Have you ever prayed to win lotto? Or to get a boyfriend who is so smoking' hot that you need to pull out your 'Ray Bans' every time you see him...I know I have on numerous occasions. Or a simple question of, do you ever feel desperate? So desperate that you could screammmmmmm! I know this is somewhat embarrassing, though I can bet you that most of us at some point of time have felt this way, including myself. Let's cut to the chase here, the situation is a s followed: #1 - He's way out of your league, #2 - He's way out of your league, and #3 - you guessed it...he's way out of your league. Have you ever said to yourself, "haha, he would never go for someone like me....who am I kidding!"? Sound familiar. ;) As girls/young women of the world, in many cases our emotions can become rediculously obvious (speaking on behalf of some, not all), if a guy simply cannot figure out that you have feelings for him, you must be super good at keeping secrets, or he is totally blinded....or 'shallow' in my situation. My simple advice to you all is simply this...if the guy cannot or 'will not' respond to you...don't waste your time on him. Dont get me wrong...I'm not saying all guys are like this, only a certain percentage. Many, MANY guys out there are truly amazing. :) I know how cliche the following saying is, "there's plenty of fish in the sea". Just remember this, try not to waste your time on the 'bad fish'. Every one of you reading this are beautiful in your own way :) Believe in yourself and others will believe in you <3 Stay pretty xxx Posted on my IPad - Mon 23rd July 2012 - 11:57 PM