Zoutons - Coupon Website Review*

"The Loot is On!"

Found the perfect dress, check! Discovered its your size, check! Check the price tag, oh dang it...
This scenario is all to common when it comes to shopping in-store. The price is often the reason for you sadly placing your desired item back on the shelf/rack. That's why finding a great deal online always manages to put that cheesy smile back on your face.

Personally, I love websites that offer a wide range of different products. From fashion, to makeup, to electronic devices and food. Because don't we all like to stuff our faces while we impulsively buy unnecessary products online, or is that just me? That's why the following website has caught my eye.

Zoutons.com is a coupons and deal aggregation platform with the tagline “The Loot is on”, helping online shoppers and deal hunters to locate latest coupons and offers from a vast pool of online retailers, banks & brands.

The site is incredibly easy to use. You will be able to purchase your product in a matter of seconds. Below is the the simple 4-step process:
  1. Select the deal you want to redeem
  2. Click on ‘Activate the deal’ button. This will direct you to the website where you want to redeem the coupon. 
  3. Choose your product and checkout the cart 
  4. Now, just apply the coupon code and you're done!

Upon searching the site myself, I came across a few incredible deals, to good too miss! They are listed below:

Top categories

Top stores

Top brands

Finally to sum up, There are sites that sell cheap products at high price to customers, and many deals sites are highlighting and promoting those products for huge commission without shame. I find Zoutons to be trustworthy, leaving customers happy to continue shopping with ease. Overall, a great coupon site. One small suggestion for improvement would be to introduce a newsletter to receive coupons to our email inbox.

Like I said earlier, the whole process is incredibly simple. The Loot is On, so why not check out Zoutons today.

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Top Fashion & Beauty Steals 2014*

Like many other shopaholics out there, I love to discover new brands and products on a budget. I mean, why pay full price when you can get a discount? That's why I try to be as savvy as possible when it comes to online shopping.

Recently, I came across an Australian website offering a world of savings, including, thousands of fashion, beauty, giftware, electronics and travel discounts. Plus other deals such as restaurant coupons, cheap hotel stays and flights, insurance deals and discounted movie tickets. This website is called CupoNation. Offering discount codes from popular  international stores such as ASOS, The Iconic and BeautyBay.

Today I'd like to share with you my favourite deals for June. Get ready, get set... here we go!

Victoria's Secret Haul

It's been awhile since I did a haul post, so today I wanted to share with you a few items I bought from my new favourite store, Victoria's Secret. As I'm going on holiday soon, I thought that would it be a good excuse to have a little spend up.

Victoria’s Secret’s unique collection of accessories are perfect for those looking for that special something for herself or great travel sized gifts. For that glam girl-on-the go, expect to find a wide range of bags, luggage, passport covers and travel wallets in both nylon and genuine leather to Cosmetic & toiletry bags, and sunglasses.

There is only a single Victoria's Secret store in my hometown of Perth, which is located at the domestic airport. But the trip was definitely worth the drive!

Top Travel Apps

Products featured - Samsung Galaxy Ace 3, KLD phone case  &  Victoria's Secret passport holder

Using my smartphone for and during travel was the advice I was given recently. There are so many useful apps that makes travel and travel planning easy, so I decided to put together a list for you to check out.

You’ll find apps for booking anything from tickets, to hotels, and finding food and wifi when you’re out and about. Some of these aren’t particularly made for travel but should be used when you are. It simply makes it all easier!