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Using my smartphone for and during travel was the advice I was given recently. There are so many useful apps that makes travel and travel planning easy, so I decided to put together a list for you to check out.

You’ll find apps for booking anything from tickets, to hotels, and finding food and wifi when you’re out and about. Some of these aren’t particularly made for travel but should be used when you are. It simply makes it all easier!


Compare hundreds of travel sites in seconds on your Smartphone or Tablet.
Find the right flight, the perfect hotel, and even manage your itinerary or track your flight status.
Available on iPhone (free), iPad (free), Android (free) and Windows Phone (free) 

Trip Advisor

TripAdvisor is the world's largest travel site, enabling travellers to plan and have the perfect trip. TripAdvisor offers trusted advice from real travellers and a wide variety of travel choices and planning features with seamless links to booking tools.
Available on iPhone (free), iPad (free), Android (free) and Windows Phone (not available - free tablet version available) 

Plane Finder (Free Version)

Follow the path of thousands of international flights on slick, zoomable maps, with detailed information on departure gates, delays and (heaven forbid) cancellations. Great for those anticipating the arrival of loved ones, or particularly nerdy train-spotters looking to up their game. 
Available on iPhone (free), iPad (free), Android (free) and Windows Phone (free version not available - full version available $3.59) 

Mint T Bag (Free Version)

Are you planning a trip to somewhere? Overseas travel or a camping?
Here, Mint T Bag can help you with 'how to prepare your trip'. You can make a checklist for your trip, you can check what you've prepared.
If you travel with friends, you can check who's bringing what. And share the list with your friends.
You can share the list via Gmail, MMS, or other things.
Available on iPhone (free), iPad (free), Android (free) and Windows Phone (not available)

XE Currency

Don’t bother paying up for one of the many currency conversion apps out there in the digital hinterland This freebie is slick, easy to use, and best of all, since it uses live currency rates it's completely accurate. It’s been downloaded more than five million times to date, so don’t even think about hopping on a plane without it. 
Available on iPhone (free), iPad (free), Android (free) and Windows Phone (free) 


Why it’s a must: Viber is an alternative to using your phone’s credit and instead uses your internet connection to send messages, make calls, take photos or send video messages. It’s the new way to chat for free on your phone, plus it’s great for getting in touch with your friends and family who have Viber at home.
Available on iPhone (free), iPad (free), Android (free) and Windows Phone (not available)

WhatsApp Messenger

A cross-platform messaging system that’s slowly but surely rendering the text message obsolete. Data (that’s pictures, videos, sound clips and GPS tags as well as text) are sent using either wi-fi or your phone’s web package, so even if you’re sending a message to someone on the other side of the globe, there’s nothing to pay. Absolutely essential for keeping in touch with overseas chums, and, providing you can find some wi-fi, great for sending off-the-cuff holiday snaps back home.
Available on iPhone ($1.24), Android (free) and Windows Phone (free) 

Evernote Food

Why it’s a must: This app is a new online space for foodies to upload and share their photos, recipes and restaurants with other foodies. Evernote allows you to record and discover delicious foods while travelling in one tasty, tantalising app. 
Available on iPhone (free), iPad (free), Android (free) and Windows Phone (not available)

So, there you go, some really useful tools for when you’re traveling, whether it’s a roadtrip or further away from home. Happy travelling! 


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