Struggling for Xmas gift ideas? ... No worries!

Hey readers,

Just a quick post for you all today.

As you may/may not already know, there is only 85 days until Christmas day...scary hey! So, its time to let the moths out of your wallets guys...or girls, and start shopping for Christmas pressies! Trust me, starting your purchases early is the #1 tip to a successful and stress-free Xmas.

Personally, shopping is pretty easy for you've probably noticed already. But I can understand why a lot of you become extremely flustered and stressed around this time of year.

To lend a hand for those mentioned, I've included a handy video for you all to take a look at.

Every fortnight, I present a segment called 'Gadgets & Gifts' on TV show 'The Couch' (Shown on paid TV in Australia). 
Introducing quirky gifts equipped for all ages :)

*You may have noticed the following description in a previous blog post

'The Couch promotes the people and talent of the Western Australian community, in the form of a good old chat/variety show. We have music and movie reviews, celebrity interviews, charity promotions, cooking, entertainment news and plenty of live music and dancing.' 

This week on the show, I talked about some weird and wacky gadgets for both guys and gals.

The Couch, 'Gadgets & Gifts' episode (28th Sept 2012) - Featuring, myself, Tayla Divitini.

As mentioned in the video, all of these products can be purchased at 'Gifts & Gadgets' (Coventry Square Markets, Morley, Perth WA).


Coventry Square Markets
243-253 Walter Road
Morley, Western Australia

You are all welcome to check out more fun clips on the 'videos' tab. Here's the link to the 'videos' page...just in case:

Have fun checking out future videos! (I will upload new clips every fortnight).

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Stay pretty xx

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NOTD (OPI manicure) - 28th Sept 2012

Hey girlies,

Today, I was lucky enough to treat myself to a professional manicure at my local nail studio, 'Professionail'. I mean...who doesn't love manicures!? :)

As you may/may not know, nail salons consume so many polish colours to choose from. So, there's little me...standing infront of a tower of nail polishes thinking, 'WOWWWWWW all the pretty colours!'.
Eventually, I made my choice. This is the colour I picked:

OPI - 'Go on Green!'

I am so pleased with the colour result. It reminds me of a 'mermaid green' shade, (sheer mint polish, with blue/green shimmery undertones). 

The consistency of the polish upon application was quite sheer. But two coats later, the final result was super pretty. 

That's about all for today folks. Have a great weekend!

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Stay pretty xx

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Ulta3 nail polish BONANZA!

Hey readers,

In the Australian beauty market, our products can sometimes be outnumbered compared to some other competitive international brands.
It always makes my day when I come across a true-blue Aussie brand which accomplishes success and excellence.

Today I was lucky enough to receive a little surprise package at my doorstep. Can you guess?
Ulta3 had sent me three of their famous polishes for me to 'bout that ay! :)

Don't let me get ahead of myself...let's start at the beginning.
Ladies and gentlemen, introducing...


ulta3 is Heat's own brand and is Australia’s number 1 nail polish selling over 4.6 million units* per year  and offers a full range of colour products across lipstick, pencils, nail polishes, eye shadows, blush, foundations and powder. ulta3, recognised mainly for its nail polish, offers value conscious and fashion savvy women a full range of cosmetics for under $10.00 with nail colour starting at just $2 and lipsticks at $2.95. The brand houses a large and unique range of colours with over 80 shades of nail colour alone, whilst seasonal trends and latest innovation is showcased to bring the latest from the catwalk at an unbeatable price. (

"Seasonal trends and latest innovation is showcased to bring the latest from the catwalk at an unbeatable price." 

The colours I received were:

  • Tahitian Lime (crispy green apple shade) 
  • Carrot Top (burnt orange shade)
  • Honolulu (banana yellow shade)

All three colours are so beautiful and bright. I don't usually wear super bright colours, though I will definitely be wearing these colours this upcoming summer!
The consistency of the polishes are quite thick, though application was easy. I applied two coats of polish, which gave me my desired result. 

Look familiar? :)

All up, these nail polishes are really incredible. I'm so grateful to have received them. I have only tried Ulta3 nail polishes once before, but I'm looking forward to purchasing some extra shades for my personal collection. Plus, at only $2.00 a could I possibly resist. :)

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Stay pretty xx

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2000 views update...& upcoming surprise giveaway!

G'day girlies!

In under a month, 'Shopaholics Anonymous' has gained over 1000 more views, (since the '1000 Views Giveaway' post on 04/Sept/2012) from readers all around the world! Leaving the view count standing at over 2000...oh my gosh!

I am so incredibly grateful for all the support I've received over the last few months.
Therefore, this is a cause for celebration!

Recently, jewelry company, Lovisa, emailed me and offerred to host a giveaway for all 'Shopaholics Anonymous' readers. What great news! :)

"Storming into the market in April 2010, Lovisa can be found in over 100 stores in more than 5 countries around the world. Lovisa has confirmed its position as one of the leading Fast Fashion Accessory brands.
Lovisa was born out of a desire to take the Fashion Accessory market in to new realm, ultimately inspired by global fashion trends and design. Statement style, intrinsic luxury and refined quality, Lovisa product is about aligning Fashion Accessories with outwear trends in real time.
Our London office combs the globe to select the right ingredients to present product that pushes fashion boundaries. The Lovisa Australia team work closely with the design office in London, enabling Lovisa to be first to market with the most on trend, directional and extensive fashion neckwear, earrings, ring, wrist wear and hair accessories collection. We transpose international couture runways and high street influences to submerse them into quality Fast Fashion Accessories.
The Lovisa woman is stylish, fashion conscious, confident, on trend, actively social and globally aware. A fashionista who lusts for quality runway Fashion Accessories at a ready to wear price. 
Set to have one of the fastest specialty retail store expansions ever seen globally, Lovisa is a brand that you will notice. "

The giveaway will include stunning jewelry pieces, eg. earrings. Not giving away all the details yet! Over the next week, I will keep you all posted on the Lovisa 'reader giveaway'...stay tuned :)

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Stay pretty xx

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A Lesson in Lips

A beautiful smile immediately draws attention to the face, and the first thing that you notice are a pair of luscious lips. But, no matter how full and shapely your lips may be, if they are dry and chapped it can easily spoil your overall look. Your lips need regular care and attention to maintain a 'pouty' look. Let's see how you can achieve this!

Today, I will introduce my five essential tips to help you get plump and supple lips. They are as followed:

1. Always carry a moisturising lip balm with you. In addition to forming a moisture seal on your lips with petrolatum, beeswax, or oil, a good lip balm will nourish your skin with vitamin E, jojoba oil, or whatever else you find most effective for your skin. My personal favourite is the Maybelline 'Baby Lips' lip balm - Anti-Oxidant Berry. 

2. Avoid licking your lips. Saliva dries out your lips, especially since licking your lips is a quick way to remove both lip balm. 

3. Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is a great way to keep your lips moist. It will also benefit the rest of your skin.

4. Exfoliate your lips. Mix a tablespoon of honey with enough sugar until you get a body-scrub-like texture, the scrub it across your lips with a toothbrush. Exfoliating will leave them smoother and make them look healthier.

5. Top secret - my secret remedy: Mix olive oil and vaseline and apply it on lips two times in a day (morning & night). This will help moisturise and restore your lips during the day and while your sleeping. Try this remedy on your eyelashes'll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

YouTube beauty guru, Michelle Phan, has a great video explaining how to fix your favourite lippie.

Personally, I try to carry out these tips and tricks on a regular basis. Having healthy and plump lips, in my opinion, makes you feel confident and carefree. 
I hope you found these points helpful. Good luck experimenting.

Sinful Colors nail polish haul

Hi girlies,

As you may or may not already know, I am a serial nail polish addict!
Even though my nails are pretty short and brittle, I still enjoy pampering my nails on a daily basis.

Yesterday I took a little trip to my local market, (Coventry Square Markets, Morley, Perth Western Australia). Upon my arrival I discovered a new store 'Save A Lot', which sells discount beauty supplies...*dollar signs were ringing in my ears* :)
So...I weakened and went inside to have a look.

Instantly, I thought "HELLOOOOOOOOOO nail polish heaven!". This little store was jam-packed full of international branded nail polishes at discounted prices. What more could I ask for!

Essie, OPI, Sinful Colors, LA Colors, Sally Hansen,  and Revlon just to name a few. Therefore, I couldn't possibly resist the temptation.

I decided to pick up a few polishes from the 'Sinful Colors' range.

The colours I chose were:

Pinky Glitter
Glass Pink
Nail Junkie

Snow Me White

Pinky Glitter - A sparkly, fluoro pink glitter polish
Nail Junkie - Turquoise chunky glitter polish
Glass Pink - The perfect fairytale princess pink, sheer & shimmery pale pink
Snow Me White - Classic white, more of an 'off-white' shade, creamy consistency

I haven't had a chance to swatch these colours on my own nails yet, as I've just had a professional manicure done on the weekend. But I have swatched the shades on some artificial nails for you to see :)

All of the 'Sinful Colors' nail polishes were only $3.00 each (15ml bottle), which is incredibly cheap for nail polishes in Australia. The quality of these polishes are fantastic...which is also an added bonus. 

What a find! I will definitely be going back to my new favorite store to purchase more of these beautiful polishes.

What is the name of your favorite beauty supply store (to find bargain items such as nail polishes)?

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Stay pretty xx

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Hi readers!

I've got some super exciting news for all of you :)

You may notice something a tad different in the menu bar at the top of this page...a video tab!
Now, you are all welcome to check out some fun and entertaining video clips. 
To find the page, simply click onto the 6th tab along the menu bar labelled 'videos'.

Here's the link...just in case:

Have fun checking out the videos! (I will upload new clips every fortnight)

Screen-shot of new 'videos' page

Example clip from 'videos' page

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Stay pretty xx

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Designer Brands Cosmetics review

Hi girlies!

Today I received a special parcel from Designer Brands Australia. Designer Brands is a cosmetic company which offers quality makeup up an extremely low price, amazing right!

I am a real advocate for quality cosmetic products with low prices. This is why I love companies such as Designer Brands.

DB Cosmetics - Designer Brands

At Designer Brands Cosmetics, we've taken all the ingredients, colour and quality from design label cosmetics and made them available at a more affordable price. The DB Cosmetics complete mineral enriched range not only works to create a flawless look, but it's also lightweight, long lasting and great for your skin! With prices starting from only $4.99 for DB Cosmetics, you could pay more for other expensive cosmetic labels, but you definitely won't get better!

DB products are available at leading Australian pharmacies and Price Attack stores.

In my parcel I received:

Flirty and fun buildable colours that are perfect for both cheeks and lips!
NEW! - $9.99

The best of make-up combined with the benefits of skincare! 
NEW - $14.99

Not to Prime is a Crime!
NEW - $14.99

Lift, Lengthen and Curl lashes to the max! 
NEW - $12.99 

The creamy coverage of lipstick in the form of a wind-up pencil!
NEW - $7.99

A rich, full coverage lipstick designed with all day in mind!
NEW - $9.99

*Please note: These products were sent to me to review, however all opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review. *

Seeing this product was like love at first sight! Firstly, the colour of the rouge was absolutely beautiful. It is a mix in-between light coral and pink. The consistency of the product is super creamy, with a slight sheen. It applies to both cheeks and lips like silk. 

When I first heard of BB creams, I was slightly concerned about the overall final 'look' it would give to my face. Being a 'tinted moisturiser' I did not want it to leave my skin looking and feeling slimy and oily. But, to my amazement it didn't. In fact, the application was rather matte (with a slight glow). It contains '5 in 1 benefits' including, non-greasy/24 hour hydration, SPF 15, Vitamins C & E, Q10, plus antioxidants & peptides. Also a bonus feature, the colour matched my complexion perfectly, and it didn't make my face break out (as some other BB creams have done previously, yay! :)

To be completely honest, I don't usually wear foundation primer as I try to keep my skin as free of products which could block up my pores (not saying that this product will). Though, today I did try out the 'Designer Brands Primer' and was pleasantly surprised with the result. The consistency of the primer is quite light, which I like very much. Plus, It kept my foundation on all day, yes, all day. Formulated with vitamins C & E, green tea & aloe vera extract, plus antioxidants. For a product which is only $14.99, you receive a substantial amount of 28ml in each bottle. 
I am very happy with the overall product.

I LOVE mascara, so when I found out I was receiving this product to review...well all I can say is...I was pretty damn happy. Firstly, the packaging of this mascara is super pretty. It looks so much more expensive than it actually is. I didn't take a photo of the application as yet due to my eyes looking really bloodshot and tired (so what I had a late night...oopsies). But I can tell you that the product gave my lashes so much extra length and volume. One little negative I would give, would be its strong chemical scent. It is a little overpowering. But overall, I'm really pleased with this mascara.

As of yet, I have not tried any brand of chubby pencil/crayon lipstick...weird right. After testing this lip product, I'm officially hooked! I would explain it as a lip balm crossed with a lipstick. When wearing this product, my lips felt soft, plump and moisturised. Which is everything I've ever wanted in a lip product. The colour, 'Guava Kiss', is so pretty yet subtle. Somewhat resembling a light peachy/nude colour. In my opinion, a perfect everyday colour.

The one thing I never leave my house without, is my lipstick. It simply completes the overall look of my makeup. Even If I am not wearing any other form of makeup, I always have my 'lippy' in hand. When I purchase a lipstick, I usually look for the colour, good pigmentation, smooth application, and most of all, long-lasting.  First of all, I absolutely loved the colour. It resembles a light rose mixed with a nude shade. It applied very smooth and even, which was fantastic. Application was rather good. 

Personally, I would probably apply a couple of coats to get my desired colour. After about 2-3 hours, the lipstick began to wear off slightly, but this didn't really bother me as I normally re-apply my lipstick every couple of hours anyway. Overall, this lipstick is great quality, I would definitely purchase this product in the future. :)

After reviewing these new products by Designer Brands, I am very pleased. It really proves that you don't have to spend a large amount of money to get great quality products.
As mentioned earlier, I will definitely be purchasing products from the Designer Brands range in the future.  

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Stay pretty xx

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