Ulta3 nail polish BONANZA!

Hey readers,

In the Australian beauty market, our products can sometimes be outnumbered compared to some other competitive international brands.
It always makes my day when I come across a true-blue Aussie brand which accomplishes success and excellence.

Today I was lucky enough to receive a little surprise package at my doorstep. Can you guess?
Ulta3 had sent me three of their famous polishes for me to review...how 'bout that ay! :)

Don't let me get ahead of myself...let's start at the beginning.
Ladies and gentlemen, introducing...


ulta3 is Heat's own brand and is Australia’s number 1 nail polish selling over 4.6 million units* per year  and offers a full range of colour products across lipstick, pencils, nail polishes, eye shadows, blush, foundations and powder. ulta3, recognised mainly for its nail polish, offers value conscious and fashion savvy women a full range of cosmetics for under $10.00 with nail colour starting at just $2 and lipsticks at $2.95. The brand houses a large and unique range of colours with over 80 shades of nail colour alone, whilst seasonal trends and latest innovation is showcased to bring the latest from the catwalk at an unbeatable price. (http://www.heatgroup.com.au/brand/ulta3)

"Seasonal trends and latest innovation is showcased to bring the latest from the catwalk at an unbeatable price." 

The colours I received were:

  • Tahitian Lime (crispy green apple shade) 
  • Carrot Top (burnt orange shade)
  • Honolulu (banana yellow shade)

All three colours are so beautiful and bright. I don't usually wear super bright colours, though I will definitely be wearing these colours this upcoming summer!
The consistency of the polishes are quite thick, though application was easy. I applied two coats of polish, which gave me my desired result. 

Look familiar? :)

All up, these nail polishes are really incredible. I'm so grateful to have received them. I have only tried Ulta3 nail polishes once before, but I'm looking forward to purchasing some extra shades for my personal collection. Plus, at only $2.00 a piece...how could I possibly resist. :)

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Stay pretty xx

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  1. They're such a bright pretty colours for summer! Definetly adding to my wishlist! How did you get in contact with Ulta3? I would lovee to review some of their products!

  2. Wow Tahitian Lime makes me wanna bite into your nails - that's so freaky but it's like you said such a crisp apple shade, love it!

    The other two are great also, and they really suit you. :)