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MAC vs Target (Australia)

Hey readers,

As many young Australian woman may already know, recently Target Australia has been under fire from distributing and selling counterfeit MAC products in stores across Australia.

According to smartcompany.com.au,
"The cosmetics company says it cannot guarantee the quality or safety of products not purchased from an authorised retailer of MAC Cosmetics.
Target Australia is not an authorised retailer of MAC Cosmetics and we did not supply any MAC products to Target Australia."

Originally, a statement from Target issued said the retailer believed the MAC product supplied to it was sourced lawfully by a domestic supplier from a legitimate MAC wholesaler overseas. It said it was assured by its supplier the make-up was genuine.

In recent days, Jodie Matthews, spokeswoman for MAC confirmed that the distribution of fake MAC product was now the subject of a legal case after the company's US laboratories discovered Target was selling fake cosmetics under the popular MAC branding.

"We don’t know what formula they used, where they sourced their materials, where the product was made, whether and how it is tested, and that ultimately is a quality and potential health and safety risk for Australian customers," she said.(smartcompany.com.au) 
However, Megan Lane, spokesperson for Target told SmartCompany the retailer believes the MAC product supplied to Target was sourced lawfully by a domestic supplier from a legitimate MAC wholesaler overseas.

"Sourcing genuine product in this way, a process known as parallel importing, is not illegal in Australia and can result in significant savings for our customers," says Lane.
"As a result, we can offer customers MAC products for 40% less than other Australian retailers."

Lane says Target is aware of the allegations raised regarding the authenticity of the MAC products sold in its stores and is currently investigating, including further testing of the products by its supplier. (smartcompany.com.au)
On Target Australia's Facebook page they released a statement which reads,

"...as a gesture of good faith and to act responsibly on behalf of our customers, we have removed the MAC products from our shelves and online store until further testing is complete." (https://www.facebook.com/#!/targetaus)

I personally did not purchase any of the 'so called' genuine MAC products from Target. At the time I was wanting too buy a few items (simply didn't get around to it). Though now I'm somewhat glad I did not.  

One one tip to all of my readers is simply, to guarantee 100% legitimate products 100% of the time. Stick with what you know and love. Your best bet is to only purchase trademarked producs such as MAC, at certified retailers such as Myer and David Jones. :)
How do you feel about the news that the products were fakes? Will you be more careful about how you buy your cosmetics?

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  1. this is aweful. i hope they learn their lesson!

    btw, got here from bloggers.com

    1. I agree, but its a real shame for Target's sake. Usually such a fantastic shop