Struggling for Xmas gift ideas? ... No worries!

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Just a quick post for you all today.

As you may/may not already know, there is only 85 days until Christmas day...scary hey! So, its time to let the moths out of your wallets guys...or girls, and start shopping for Christmas pressies! Trust me, starting your purchases early is the #1 tip to a successful and stress-free Xmas.

Personally, shopping is pretty easy for you've probably noticed already. But I can understand why a lot of you become extremely flustered and stressed around this time of year.

To lend a hand for those mentioned, I've included a handy video for you all to take a look at.

Every fortnight, I present a segment called 'Gadgets & Gifts' on TV show 'The Couch' (Shown on paid TV in Australia). 
Introducing quirky gifts equipped for all ages :)

*You may have noticed the following description in a previous blog post

'The Couch promotes the people and talent of the Western Australian community, in the form of a good old chat/variety show. We have music and movie reviews, celebrity interviews, charity promotions, cooking, entertainment news and plenty of live music and dancing.' 

This week on the show, I talked about some weird and wacky gadgets for both guys and gals.

The Couch, 'Gadgets & Gifts' episode (28th Sept 2012) - Featuring, myself, Tayla Divitini.

As mentioned in the video, all of these products can be purchased at 'Gifts & Gadgets' (Coventry Square Markets, Morley, Perth WA).


Coventry Square Markets
243-253 Walter Road
Morley, Western Australia

You are all welcome to check out more fun clips on the 'videos' tab. Here's the link to the 'videos' page...just in case:

Have fun checking out future videos! (I will upload new clips every fortnight).

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