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 Hey readers,

The other day I was casually browsing the web, trying to find a funky new desktop wallpaper for my new MacBook Pro. Upon searching, I came across a lady by the name of Lilly Pulitzer. She has designed many beautiful prints for years.

It All Started With A Juice Stand


Lilly Pulitzer the clothing label was born. The "classic shift dress" shot to international fame and demand when Lilly's old schoolmate Jacqueline Kennedy née Bouvier, now the First Lady, was photographed wearing a "Lilly" while on vacation. "Jackie wore one of my dresses – it was made from kitchen curtain material – and people went crazy. They took off like zingo. Everybody loved them, and I went into the dress business." – Essentially Lilly, A Guide to Colorful Entertaining

“I designed collections around whatever struck my fancy ... fruits, vegetables, politics or peacocks,” “It was a total change of life for me, but it made people happy.” 

Below you'll find all of the wallpapers I've acquired (all taken from either the Lilly website, blog, or Facebook page).  Just click on the image, and the full-size version will pop open for you.  Then just save from there.

What is your favourite design by Lilly Pulitzer?

Tell me in the comments below.

Stay pretty xx

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