Lindsay Lohan Launches Style Blog


Expect the unexpected: Lindsay Lohan launches fashion blog

Lindsay Lohan is keeping busy now that she's free from her 90-day rehab stint. Her latest project? A style blog! - Screenshot
Last week, The recovering party girl launched
It features photos from her Instagram page, video clips from her recent interview with Oprah and posts on what she's been up to since her stay at the drug rehabilitation center, Cliffside Malibu.

Fans of the fiery redhead can scroll through the history for information on Lindsay's clothes and photo spreads of her latest ensembles.

The new site includes 'Insta-moments', videos of her previous music videos or magazine shoots and candid reports on Lindsay's own personal style.

It also focuses on her style and public appearances. It also encourages readers to get involved, imploring them to use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. Although Lohan so far does not seem to be directly blogging, she must have some part - each post so far has been signed off with 'X TEAM LOHAN'.

Her comeback seems far from over. She's had her confessionals with Oprah, been visited in rehab by Ben Affleck and has also claimed that she's partying less.

This leaves us with one question. Yet two very different answers. What's next for the troubled starlet. A road to success... or a long road back to rehab?

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to watch Lindsay Lohan's candid interview with Oprah Winfrey

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