The 411: Mascara vs Mascara

Essence vs Almay

The challenge is on!

Hi again fellow bloggers/readers,
Today I have a special mascara comparison. Brilliant 'bargain brand',  Essence and the 'guardian angel' to sensitive skin, Almay, come up against each other in a fierce challenge. To discover what mascara lives up to (my personal) expectation once and for all! 
..... Well ok, that sounded pretty corny. Lets cut to the chase here.
Firstly, I purchased the 'Essence' mascara from my local Target store, (I believe that 'Essence' is available at most Target stores across Australia).
The 'Almay' mascara was bought at Priceline (Australian makeup/beauty store).
Both stores stock a rather large range of beauty products. :)

*Disclaimer: I am not getting paid for this review. It is solely my opinion of each product I have purchased myself  :)

  • Essence - 'Get Big Lashes', volume boost mascara 
  • Almay - 'One Coat Nourishing' mascara , thickening waterproof

Lets start with a brief introduction on each cosmetic company:

Essence - since its launch in 2002, essence stands for trendy and high quality cosmetics at a sensational low price. how can essence ensure the quality of its products at such low sales prices?
the quality of our products is our top priority!this principle applies to the selection of our production plants as well as for all manufacturing process steps from the very beginning until the completion of our final products. we reveal more on the high quality demands of essence here:
quality instead of advertising spendingsthe essence brand does without costly advertisements using models or celebrities, expensive tv spots or print ads in magazines. instead, essence invests in the development of premium products at a consistently high level of quality.

Almay - Almay was the first hypoallergenic cosmetics brand and continues to lead the beauty industry in firsts.Since 1931, Almay has helped women look and feel their best with good-for-you cosmetics in fabulous shades - all while staying true to our heritage of using pure, hypoallergenic ingredients.Almay was first developed by Alfred Woititz in response to his wife's sensitive skin needs. Alfred, a professional chemist worked in conjunction with renowned dermatologist,Dr. Marion Sulzberger t devise a formula for pure cosmetics.Combining the names of the founders, Alfred and Fanny May, Almay was established in 1931 to produce gentler cosmetics for women everywhere.New ingredients and technologies are stringently tested before Almay uses them in products. In fact, fewer than 500 of the 10,000 ingredients available for use in cosmetics meet Almay's standard for superior performance.

Brush is actually bigger than 'Almay' brush
Thinner brush than 'Essence' brush

RRP = $4.95 (Aus dollar) 12ml
RRP = $20.95 (Aus dollar) 11.8ml

Both mascaras are VERY different in comparison. While both have outstanding positive's, they also have some irritating aspects.
Below I have outlined the positives & negatives of each mascara:



  • Outstanding volume and length
  • Can build up layers depending on how thick you wan't your lashes (No 'glugging')
  • You receive quite alot of the product within the packaging
  • PRICE! (Extremely cheap, only $4.94) :)

  • Long-lasting
  • Fantastic length of lashes once applied
  • Waterproof
  • "Nourishing for your lashes" (according to website)



  • Once applied, will not last 'all day' (pretty good though, probably last from morning to mid afternoon)
  • Not waterproof

  • Quite flaky
  • If applying more than a single coat, becomes somewhat 'gluggy'
  • Rather expensive

My final decision was based on, "what product I am most likely going to use on a daily basis". 
Therefore the winner is...

Essence - 'Get Big Lashes', volume boost mascara!

Don't get me wrong, the 'Almay' mascara was great also. Though in the end, it came down to basic value for money.
For the price, this mascara amazed me. 
I will definitely be re-purchasing it again & again :)

Stay Pretty xx


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