Urban Decay Naked Palette Dupe - Review

~ Introducing Chi Chi cosmetics ~
"From fluttering, sultry eyes, to perfectly pouting lips and glamorous finger tips, get the look normally reserved for super stars by taking a stroll through Chi-Chi-Wood. Chi Chi has the colours and attitudes of every trendsetter, fashion victim and icon. It's Hollywood in your make-up bag."

"Chi Chi cosmetics are only tested on family and friends."

Hey girls, 
Happy Friday!

Today I popped into my local Target store, casually looking for some beauty essentials. When BAM! I came across the new Chi Chi Glamorous 'Nudes' palette.

Recently, I've heard about this palette from other beauty bloggers. It has been described as the more affordable version of the Urban Decay 'Naked' palette
As far as dupes go for the praised Naked Palette, this little beauty is definitely at the top.

Below is a picture showing the comparison between the Chi Chi palette & the Urban Decay palette.
 Chi Chi's swatches are on the top, Urban Decay swatches are on the bottom.

The shadows in each palette are very much alike, although there are varying differences between the two palettes. The Nudes palette ($19.95) is a great alternative to the well known Naked palette ($54.99) when you consider the eyeshadow colour similarities and price of each palette. 

The 'Nudes' palette comes housed in a sturdy plastic clip closure container, with a black base, and a clear top lid with the name of the palette 'Nudes' in silver print over the top. Housed inside are the 12 pans of shadows and 2 double ended sponge tip applicators.

On the back of the boxes the palette came packaged in Chi Chi describes the shadows as being "...velvety soft, highly pigmented, and easily blendable." I can honestly tell you that the brands description of their product is 100% accurate. 

Shade descriptions

1. Texture: Minimal Shimmer - Colour: Bone/Off White
2. Texture: Maximum Shimmer - Colour: Peach toned White
3. Texture: Matte - Colour: Light Brown
4. Texture: Maximum - Shimmer Colour: Light Gold
5. Texture: Matte - Colour: Light Tan Brown
6. Texture: Maximum - Shimmer Colour: Gold
7. Texture: Maximum - Shimmer Colour: Bronze
8. Texture: Minimal Shimmer - Colour: Dark Brown
9. Texture: Maximum Shimmer - Colour: Orange toned Gold
10. Texture: Minimal Shimmer - Colour: Deep Brown
11. Texture: Minimal Shimmer - Colour: Off Black
12. Texture: Medium Shimmer - Colour: Gunmetal

The eyeshadows texture is a beautiful velvet like feel, the pigments are fantastic and also very blendable.  So far, I am very pleased with these beautiful eyeshadows.

All-in-all, the Chi Chi Glamorous 'Nudes' palette is a fantastic and afforable option for those who are just beginning to experiment with eyeshadow. As well as for beauties who love neutral smoky or simple eye looks and all the rest of us makeup junkies alike.

To view the entire 'Glamorous' collection - click here

Price: $19.95 AU
Where to buy (in Australia): Target, Myer, Gloss and online.

Stay pretty xx

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  1. Great comparison. I've been eyeing this palette for a while. I probably have enough nudes, but I might check out their other palette I've seen with that one (forgot the name).

  2. Hi Bethany,

    Thanks for your feedback.
    The new range of eyeshadows from the 'Glamorous' collection are quite stunning.
    The names of the other palettes (in the same 'Glamorous' range) are:

    - Bronzes
    - Bases
    - Classics
    - Sultry
    - Oasis
    - Rich Gems
    - Brights

    Hope this helps :)

  3. Perfect dupe! But Chi Chi doesn't seem to be available outside Australia.
    My Beauty Junction

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment.
      Chi Chi cosmetics is available online and ship's internationally.
      The website is:
      Hope this helps :)