Typo Luxe Planner - Review & RANT!

Today's post will be slightly different to my previous posts. Not often do I rant about a particular product, though on this occasion I feel it is necessary. 

A couple of weeks ago I purchased the 'Luxe Planner' from Typo. A slight impulse buy (as I already own a personal sized Filofax which I adore) though I was instantly drawn-in by its mystical sparkles and perfect size. 

I handed over my last $20 bill to the till lady - and walked out of the store chuffed by my 'bargain purchase.' 
Later... to be bitterly dissapointed.

At first glance, the planner appears sturdy and well-made. The inserts and paper are gorgeous, and as a bonus, you receive a free metal pen! Though this is where the first problem pops up.

The pen is both slim and sophisticated, though a little 'to-slim' for the pen loop. As soon as you pick up the planner, the pen slips right out. Such a shame. 
But I thought to myself,
"Oh well, I can always just use another pen - no biggie!" 

It seems the 'pen issue' was not the only (important) issue I was going to face.

The pink arrow (as shown in the photo above) points to the main issue I have with this planner. 
Take a look at that ring! One of the other three rings (not shown in this photo) also has alignment issues.

It may not seem like a huge problem, but when you turn the pages of the planner, the paper constantly gets caught and rips. 

Upon my research, it seems I'm not the only one who's had the same issues with the Typo 'Luxe planner.'

Like Kait (cafeetpapier.com), I too adore the Luxe planner. Let me clarify that... I adore the 'look' of the Typo Luxe planner, not so much its functionality. I wish I had of come across Kait's blog post prior to purchasing my planner, that way I may have thought twice about handing over my last $20 bill. Thank goodness I kept my receipt.

This post is simply to warn you to ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK YOUR ITEM before you purchase it!




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