Filofax Personal Domino in Deep Pink - REVIEW

Last week I came home from university and spotted a suprise parcel in my letterbox. Lo and behold, it was a gorgeous new planner. Kindly sent by the folks at FilofaxShop Australia. Therefore, today I will be reviewing the newest member of my Filofax family. The Filofax Domino - 'Personal Size' in 'Deep Pink.'

*This post is sponsored, yet does not affect my opinion on the product being discussed. 

In a good quality/functional planner, I’m looking for something that is:
  • easy
  • flexible
  • pretty
  • gives a good overview 

So let’s test how the Filofax system works out.
I can't deny the organiser is still weighty to carry around but knowing that I have all the notes I need is great.

The elastic closure works well and feels secure. The external colour is absolutely gorgeous and the inside is a beautiful grey suede. I have nothing but good things to say so far.
The cover isn’t leather but it’s very lovely and doesn’t look cheap. I’m a little worried about the off white elastic belly band becoming dirty and looking very used over time. I’ll let you know how that works out.

The inside is beautifully embossed with the Filofax logo and the model name and size. It’s a suede-like fabric and very nice to the touch. By the way, I love how the pink pleather is peeking through the credit card slits on the left side. You will also notice the little notches for the elastic belly band on each side. Lovely details, even on this budget version.

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Overall I really adore this planner. The quality is just beautiful and I like that you can change the diary pages every year and essentially only need one planner.  

*Since taking photo's of this planner, I made some cute laminated dividers. To check out how they look in my new binder, watch this space! 
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