Travel Tips & Tricks

I L.O.V.E travelling. That is a pure and simple fact. I feel very lucky to say that I have travelled to many amazing places in my life so far. Though many people preference 'packing' as one of their least favourite part of planning for a holiday. Below is a list of my personal tips on how to pack savvy for your next trip:

Store necklaces in a straw to keep them from getting tangled in your suitcase

Use an empty tube of lip balm as a secret hiding spot for cash and other valuables

 A hard plastic soap case is the perfect size to protect a camera stashed in a carry-on bag

Use a Tic Tac case to store bobby pins 

Use a button to keep earrings together while travelling

 Use a medicine organizer to store small earrings or rings 

Lip balm serves double duty as cuticle moisturiser

Sticking a dryer sheet among clothes in a suitcase will keep your clothes smelling fresh


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