Christmas Decorations on a Budget

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With all of the sparkly lights, glittery decorations and cheerful carols, the lead up to the 25th of December is such an exciting time of the year. How are you liking my festive Michael Bublé music? To mute, press the pause button at the bottom left of the page.

The downside to Christmas is the amount of $ that you spend. Even shopaholics like myself feel the pinch. That's why spotting a bargain here and there makes this time of year just that little more special.

Last week I came across a few affordable items that would be ideal for any holiday home.
The best part was, all items were under $20 AUD each *happy face*.

All of the items were purchased at Western Australian discount store, Red Dot. 

Red Dot first opened its doors in Western Australia in 1992, and with your support has grown substantially. Over the next few years we will grow to over 50 stores across the state, employing over 500 West Australians.

The cute candy themed items shown in the photo's each come in different colours. If I remember correctly, the colours available are pink, green and blue - I have the pink range.

I didn't buy the entire set. There is also a miniature 'candy cottage' and a large 'candy cottage' available. I own the medium size.


Candy cottage = 48cm x 20cm
Candy Christmas tree = 40cm x 10cm
Candy snow man = 22cm x 12cm


Candy cottage = $19.99 AUD
Candy Christmas tree = $9.99 AUD
Candy snow man = $4.99 AUD

Candy Cottage
Candy Christmas Tree
Candy Snow Man

Is it just me or do these look way more expensive than they actually are?
These particular decorations will be available up until Christmas at selected Red Dot Stores across Western Australia.

For those who live outside of WA, similar Christmas decorations are available from the following online stores - shipping internationally:

- 586toni on Ebay
- moons-mom on Ebay

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