Typo Haul - Planner's and More

I recently stopped in at Typo. I happened to stumble upon a few gorgeous items. My purchases included a precious ringed planner, a retro/rustic style alarm clock and three adorable food themed Christmas decorations. 

Firstly, the personal size 'Galaxy Glitter' planner will be perfect for the new year. I love the glittery finish and slimline design. It's sightly lower quality than my personal size Metropol Filofax, but for $19.95 AUD, I couldn't possibly resist! Due to its slimmer design, durable design , it will make a perfect university planner. Perfect for squeezing into my bag.

The retro/rustic alarm clock was an essential purchase. My previous alarm clock fell of my bedside table and broke *sad face. I purchased it for a mere $19.95.

Lastly, I will be sending the three Christmas decorations to The Saccone Joly's (Irish YouTube vloggers) - Click here to go to there channel. I have been watching there YouTube channel for a few months now. I have to say I'm addicted! 
Typo had a special deal on all Christmas decorations, three for $10. Bargain!

That's all for today. Stay tuned for a more extensive review and comparison on the Typo planner.

Stay pretty xx

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