Money-Saving Makeup Tips

Certain beauty products are extremely expensive and can end up burning a huge hole in your product. The truth is, you can still make yourself look and feel a million dollars without punishing your bank balance. Read on to find out a few tips that could assist you in getting more bang for your buck.

Tip #1 - To prevent compacts from breaking in your bag, put a cotton ball or round inside.

Tip #2 - Pumping the wand traps air inside and makes the mascara dry out faster. Instead, spin the brush to get rid of clumps.

Tip #3 - Fix broken or smashed lipstick by heating it quickly with a match or hairdryer.

Tip #4 - Save money on liquid foundation by applying with a brush instead of a sponge.

Tip #5 - Keep an eye out for blog sales from beauty bloggers.

What are your tips for saving money on makeup and other beauty products?


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