Nails Of The Day - 16th January 2013

Hey readers!

OMG hasn't it been super hot this month! My fellow Aussies will know what I'm talking about. The last couple of weeks have been the hottest in decades...true fact. 

Apart from all this, the best thing about Summer in the 'Land Downunder' (in my opinion), is being able to stuff yourself silly with sugary, fruity drinks. Therefore, it inspired me to do a 'sweet & fruity' related NOTD. How genius of me ;)

Today I am wearing a colour from the 'Maybelline Express Finish' collection. Each polish from this line is supposed to dry in only 50 seconds, impressive!

I am wearing the colour #597 - Blazing Berry. I would describe it as a pure raspberry pink, with a hint of sparkle. I am in love with this colour. It is perfect for the Summer months, or any time of year for that matter.

With a good quality top coat, the polish would normally last around 4-5 without any major chipping. As Maybelline states, it does in fact dry very quickly. Quiker than any other polish I own. 

What do you think of this colour? Do you own any Maybelline polishes? What colours would you recommend? Also, do you want a review of these polishes? Let me know!

Stay pretty xx
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