Bombshell Bridal Makeup - Tips & Tricks

Hey readers,
Can you believe that it is already the end of January. How time flies!
The reason why I'm so excited is, in a few short months, one of my most cherished friends, Nicole, is getting who's going to be a bridesmaid!

Today I will be sharing with you some of my personal tips and tricks to perfecting the ultimate 'Bombshell Bride' makeup look. All set and ready to impress.

So just sit back, relax and enjoy :)

Tayla's Top 4 Tips:

1. Pick the perfect pout

Shiny, slick lipsticks require constant re-application. Instead, try a smooth lip tint pencil, which has more of a matte finish to give lips a believable and stay-put flush. 

2. Look radiant...not rad!

Assuming you want to look radiant, not like you dived into a pool of sparkles, avoid highlighters, blushes and powder that contain a product called 'mica'. These can make skin appear overly shiny and reflect too much light in photos. *According to my research

3.  Swap the powder puff for the primer potion

Well, you can use some powder, but too much can make your face look pale and flat in photos. Instead, start by applying foundation primer and eyeshadow base. They'll keep your makeup in place for hours but don't steal your glow like too much setting powder can.

4.  Don't forget to blot!

It’s a long day and most people get a little shine, but these papers keep it at bay. I prefer them to powder because powder tends to cake up after multiple applications. They’re cheap, and they work great. I purchase mine from my favourite drugstore, Priceline.

Whilst searching through YouTube, I retrieved a great video (tutorial) titled

What do you think of my tips & this overall wedding look? Do you prefer a dramatic or natural/subtle look? Let me know!

Stay pretty xx

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