Top Beauty/Miscellaneous Gadgets of 2012

Hey readers,

Before I begin, I'd like to pass along a big HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Did you miss me?

The Couch -

I apologise for not putting up any blog posts in a while. This Christmas and New Year holiday break has been extremely many Italian families are.
Anyway, today I have a fun-filled post for you. Bombarded with funny stuff that will tickle-your-fancy.

Below, I have included two video's recorded in late December 2012. Presenting my top gadget buys of the year.

('The Couch' Screenshots - Sneak-Peak)

The Couch promotes the people and talent of the Western Australian community, in the form of a good old chat/variety show. We have music and movie reviews, celebrity interviews, charity promotions, cooking, entertainment news and plenty of live music and dancing. 
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So, are you ready for the fun to begin? I know I am!

Flashback of me on 'The Couch' - 2005 ~ 2012

Top gadget buys of 2012

I'd like to pass along a huge Thank You to the following people/specialty stores:

Stay tuned for more fun-filled beauty gossip over the next few days.

Stay pretty xx
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