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Today, I am pleased to share with you some new brushes I received during the week from Furless Cosmetics. They’re a cruelty free company, selling a range of makeup and brushes made of synthetic bristles as opposed to animal hair. As I suffer from sensitive skin, discovering an Australian makeup (brush) company that is completely fur-free, was such a lucky find.

This 'First Impressions' post is based on the Perfectly Pink Brush Set.

About Furless Makeup Brushes

Furless is a world first! We are an Australian company that sells high quality synthetic professional makeup brushes and accessories that are stylish, functional, and most importantly, they are all fur-free.
Our wide range of cruelty free single brushes, brush sets, brush rolls, makeup bags and cases are all vegan and Halal friendly, and vary in price to suit the student, the makeup junkie or the professional makeup artist.
We are keeping it classy here at Furless - we promise to never sell you a cheap, ugly, scratchy brush, EVER! 

About the company/brand:

> PETA Approved
> Vegan and Cruelty Free company
> All synthetic brushes
> No animal testing

Perfectly Pink Professional Travel Makeup Brush Set/Kit

This perfectly pink makeup brush set has classy black handles and hot pink tips. Use this set to create any look on the go - throw in your bag for holidays and travel.
This makeup brush kit consists of the following professional makeup brushes:

Large powder brush
Angled contour brush
Stippling brush
Stubby blending brush
Fluffy eyeshadow brush
Angled liner brush
Small domed crease blending brush
Precision eyeliner brush

Size: Closed 24cm tall, 10cm wide / 9.44 inch tall, 3.93 inch wide. Open 24cm tall, 22.5cm wide / 9.44 inch tall, 8.85 inch wide.
Material: Roll - Polyurethane. Brushes - Wood, Aluminium, Nylon.  

Price: $49.95 (AUD)

And to make you feel even better about your Furless experience we are donating a portion of our sales to Wildlife ARC, a charity organisation that rescues and cares for injured or orphaned native animals, so they can be happily released back into the wild. For more information please visit

Overall, my first impressions of the Furless brushes are excellent. Very high quality, very little shedding from what I have experienced, and very versatile. I was also quite impressed with the affordability of the brushes, simply because of its high quality and professional feel, and I am eager to start using them in my every day routine. In my opinion, these brushes would be perfect for beginners and professional makeup lovers.

Sometime in the near future, I will do a thorough and extensive review on the products when I have the chance to use them completely.

Furless makeup, brush sets and individual brushes are available from the Furless website.

If you use Furless, let me know what brushes you use, and your experience. 

I would love to know.

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