'Shopaholics Anonymous' on Vacation!

Hey readers,

My family and I just got home from a fantastic weekend away up north in Geraldton, Western Australia.

Geraldton is perched on a spectacular coastline to the west, rolling hills and breakaway ranges to the east, whilst the Chapman and Greenough Rivers frame this unique city to the north and south. The superb positioning and Mediterranean climate make Geraldton a truly perfect place to visit and live. 

The agonizing five-hour drive sure was worth the wait. I also met up with a few family friends along the way.
Below are some of my favourite shots from our little trip.

Geraldton is famous for its incredible beaches

Our 'ride' on the sand

My Dad and good ol' little me

Someone's happy today

The slice of cake was nearly as big as me!

Our big 'ride' and little me

Say cheese!

Mum chillin' on the sand

*Camera used: Nikon Coolpix S9400
**Photo editing software/website: iPiccy

Stay pretty xx

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