The 411: Lighten Up Your Lips

Left to right: She Sells Sea Shells, Doll Face, Frou Frou, Delight

Sportsgirl lip gloss haul:

"Super sparkle gloss with lights & a mirror. Bring your own spotlight!"

I absolutely love the 'Lighten Up' range from my all time favorite shop (for accessories) Sportsgirl. These little babies have a built in LED light & mirror...perfect for after that 'special' movie date with that 'special someone'.

Each lip gloss costs $9.95, you can purchase them from any Sportsgirl store. Believe me, I own soooo many of these. Though, the four in the photo are my favorite colours. 

"This fab lip gloss is no ordinary addition to your make up bag: when opened, the special button on the inside of the lid releases a beam of funky light to let you apply your gloss in style wherever you are!"
The great thing about these are the amazing range of colours and finishes'. Whether you're into a sparkly look, or the more natural end result. There will always be one to fit your style.

Another positive of this product is...HOW AMAZING IT SMELLS. Each differ in scent slightly, though most of mine smell exactly like cookies...yes COOKIES.
The gloss is heavily pigmented so application is incredibly easy. Though best of all is the 'doe foot' applicator.
What I love in a lip gloss is: wearability & shimmer/shine, this range of  

Each lip gloss contains 5.5ml of sparkly goodness...what more could you possibly ask for! :) 
Light source is 2 x high bright white LEDs. Batteries included (non replaceable)

So trust me...get in with the craze. Buy up big with the utterly fabulous Sportsgirl 'Lighten Up' lip gloss range.

Stay pretty xxx 


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