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Today I decided to go for a little shopping spree in Perth City. Unfortunately I didn't purchase as much as I's originally hoped. Though, I did stumble across a new quirky store by the name of T2.

At first sight, the T2 store appeared modern, funky and welcoming...which is an A+ in my view! Though that was only based on the exterior aesthetics. When I entered the store I was absolutely flabbergasted!

From the overall set up, the 'taste-testing' section, the amazing service, but best of all the scents coming from every corner of the room...omg it was absolutely fascinating.

I believe myself to be a 100% "coffeeholic". Hot chocolates, and normally tea never can compare. But...yes there's a but, T2 has officially changed my view on the wide world of tea. :)

"T2 offers Australia’s biggest range of beautiful, fragrant teas from all around the world."

As you can see in the image above, I didn't go to nuts. I simply wanted to try out some different options. So next time I visit T2 I can by bulk on what I love best! I purchased the following:
  • Chocolate loose black tea (100g) - $12.75
  • Mesh ball (small) - $5.50
  • Silicone scoop (white) - $3.00

The sweet lady at the front counter allowed me to take home two sample flavours, Cinnamon and Creme Brulee, YUM! Can't wait to try them out.

I strongly suggest all of you "coffeeholics" out there to try out the T2 range. I can almost guarantee you that you'll be changed for life!

T2 store Perth City - Hay Street

⊱✿ Check out the awesome website here ✿⊰

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