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Todays mini post will be based on my tips and tricks for healthy and glowng skin all year round. Talk about sharing the love!

Honestly, I’ve always been lucky to have good skin," I’ve never had any major trouble with my skin. Yes, some people win the hereditary lottery when it comes to good skin, just as others are blessed with the kind of metabolism that lets them eat outrageous amounts of chocolate, fast food and all that other junk.

But what we all need to understand is, not all skin is created equally...bottom line is, we are all different. Though we must not forget, genes are just the starting point. Beautiful skin is also about good skin care habits, practiced each and every day.

In her early years, my mum was bombarded with severe acne. As acne does seem to run throughout my family, This is the simple reson why I have been really careful whilst looking after my skin.

⊱✿ My mum & I ✿⊰

These days, on the rare ocasion my skin may decide to flair up slightly (due to unforseen circumstances), though all-in-all, my face is usually blemish free. I belive it is due to the following tips which I swear by:

Deep clean with a mask
A mask isn’t meant to replace your daily face-washing routine. If your skin is oily, use a mask every other day. If you have dry skin, once or twice per month should keep oil and dirt from building up.

Use skin-specific moisturiser
For oily skin: You don’t want to add much more moisture, but you do want to hydrate. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid or ferulic acid, both of which help your skin maintain water. For dry skin: Stick with the hyaluronic acid or ferulic acid, but don’t worry about finding an oil-free formula. Your skin craves moisture. For breakout-prone skin: Choose a moisturiser that’s noncomedogenic. It should say so on the bottle. For sensitive skin: Your go-to is a fragrance-free product.

Aviod food that's bad for your skin
Focus on eating as cleanly as possible. Avoid fast food, fried food, and anything processed. That includes too much sugar, fizzy drinks (diet and regular), and processed meats and cheeses. They keep your body and your skin off balance. Whilst also blocking your pores.

Instead, eat foods that are good for your skin. Here's a quick list of foods for healthy skin:
  • Oranges...try to stay away from sugery orange drinks. Stick towards the 100% juices.
  • sauce dosen't count :)
  • Leafy greens...I know thay are not always the nicest, but trust me, its worth it in the long run!
  • of the best super foods!
  • Tuna...a little tin a day will keep the doctor away :)

I hope these little tips & tricks help you all.
Hope you have a great day!

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Stay pretty xx

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  1. These tips are awesome, thanks so much for sharing xo

  2. Great tips on keeping skin healthy. These tips are really helpful to keep skin healthy forever and glowing too.
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  3. Hi Tayla, I'm glad I found your blog, you stay pretty too, this is truly awesome, looking forward for more.

  4. Thanks so much for all of your comments. Your feedback is greatly appreciated :)