1000 views giveaway WINNER!!!

Good evening readers,

The day has come...Time to announce the winner of the 1000 Views Giveaway!

As mentioned, to celebrate this milestone, I've decided to present my 1st ever international giveaway prize to one lucky reader. The prize consists of a fabulous nail pamper pack (to see the details of the giveaway click here). Thank you to all of you that entered :)

The lucky winner is...

"My nails need pampering - urgently - because I'm a full time student, I still go to high school and I take a lot of art classes, using my hands and nails! I always have to do my nails and hands at night - especially for blogging :) The prizes look amazing!"

Congratulations Gabby! To claim your prize simply:
  1. Send me a quick email (tayladivitini@rocketmail.com) stating that you are the winner, (I will do some further investigating to ensure that you are infact 'the winner' hehe).
  2. Simply give me your postal address and what # pamper pack you would like (#1, #2 or #3). BAZINGA...the prize is yours. :)
Thank you all for entering the giveaway! 

Stay pretty xxx

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  1. Yay! Thanks again for hosting this giveaway! I've sent you an email already :)

  2. hey hey :) have you contacted the australian post beause i still havent recieved the package?

  3. Hi Gabby :) Are you serious, you haven't received it yet!? I contacted Aus Post about 2-3 weeks ago and they said it was in 'transit'. If you haven't received it in a couple more days, I will gladly re-send another surprise package out to you.
    Very sorry for the inconvenience.
    Kind regards

  4. I let a week pass after recieving this reply.. and still nothing.
    No worries, it's not your fault! Bloody Aus post!