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As you may or may now already know, I am a Priceline junkie. As soon as I spot a store I'm sucked in! For those of you that don't live in Australia, it's our equivalent to a Boots or Superdrug. They supply "drugstore" products from a range of brands. 

In my last visit to Priceline I picked up two Savvy by DB trio eyeshadows, so I wanted to share them with you. The particular shades are 'Dusty Pink' and 'Cafe Latte'. 

I'm beginning to love Savvy by DB cosmetics, mostly because they are Australian, but best of all...they're super cheap!

SAVVY Trio Eyeshadow 4.5 g
Was $4.99 SAVE $1.50
$3.49 each

The eyeshadow compact on the left is 'Dusty Pink', and the one on the right is 'Cafe Latte'.
'Dusty Pink' consists more of lighter/shimmery shades, whereas 'Cafe Latte' has darker/more densely pigmented colours.

More detail into each 'trio':

- Dusty Pink -
  • (Highlight) The lightest colour resembles a creamy/light peach shade. It is quite shimmery and would look perfect on the brow bone to accentuate and open up the (look of the) eyes.
  • (Shade) The golden shade you see is beautiful yet subtle. The shimmer effect it gives the impression that your lids are bronzed and bedazzling!  
  • (Crease) The final colour in this trio is a mocha shade. The colour reminds me of a hot, creamy, glistening cup of mocha....yummm.

- Cafe Latte -
  • (Highlight) The lightest colour is somewhat similar the the other (highlight) shadow. It resembles a creamy shade with a subtle golden undertone. It is slightly more matte compared to the other sector in the trio (only a very slight shimmer). The overall shade is very light and pretty.
  • (Shade) The 'brownish' shade (to the right of the trio) resembles a cup of warm coco. A beautiful creamy chocolate shade. 
  • (Crease) The final colour in this trio is a olive brown shade. A perfect option for the crease of the eye. Gives the eye great dimension, yet isn't too overwhelming. The olive shade is stunning, one of my favorites out of both eyeshadow trios'. 

  Left: Dusty Pink                               Right: Cafe Latte

Both of the eyeshadow trios' are reasonably pigmented, especially the dark brown shades in 'Cafe Latte'.
For a $3.49 each...that's pretty damn good! As you will notice, 'Dusty Pink' includes lighter, more shimmery shadows. Whereas 'Cafe Latte' includes darker, matte shadows.
In my opinion, these two trios' resemble 'day-to-night' looks. 'Dusty Pink' being the day-look (lighter and brighter) and 'Cafe Latte' (a little more dramatic) being the night-look.

All up, my purchases today were great. I feel that I received an amazing bargain. SAVVY by DB has really impressed me with the quality of their products and the incredible bargain prices they offer :)
 You can purchase many other SAVVY by DB at Priceline stores across Australia. 

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