NYX 'Box Of Smokey Look Collection' review

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Today I have a fabulous review for you...nothing better than......a NYX review!

Recently I was lucky enough to be given an amazing product from NYX,  the 'Box Of Smokey Look Collection.'
I have had my eye on NYX for a while now, so was ecstatic when I received this in the post. 

NYX Cosmetics was named after the Greek goddess who ruled the night, just like many of our fans who rule the night life in this modern techno-savvy world. We offer a wide variety of products ranging from eye shadows to foundation and brushes to eye lashes and glitter to glosses. Everything a professional makeup artist needs for the job or that a goddess needs to create her look for a night on the town.

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If you’re addicted to smokey eyes, this kit is custom-made for you. It contains a palette of pigmented eye shadowsto create gray smokey eyes, purple smokey eyes, bronze smokey eyes andnatural smokey eyes. Kit also contains 3 blushes, face powders,concealers, lip colors, 12 glitter creams and 1 black eye liner.

The kit contains:


  • Classic Smokey (Fierce and ready to party!)
  • Purple Smokey (A pop of colour)
  • Bronze Smokey (Get your goddess on!)
  • Natural Smokey (Beautifully neutral shades)
  • Also: Sparkly glitters
  • Pale pink blush
  • Coral blush
  • Mauve/pink blush
  • Bronzer
  • Highlight
  • Contour
  • A broad range, from subtle corals' to bright purples'
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Cream
  • Brown

The pigmentation of most of the eyeshadows are pleasing. The coverage of the lip glosses are  also decent. Plus, the cheek products are fantastic, very pigmented indeed!
I wish I could say the same about the glitters though. After applying the glitters once or twice, it revealed a creamy layer underneath. Leaving little-to-no sparkles left :(
Before I forget to mention, The kit also includes a black pencil eyeliner and a basic eyeshadow applicator. Which was sneakily tucked away within the package.

Overall, the quality of this kit is great. In my opinion, It would be perfect for travelling.

The kit retails for only $20 (AUD)...what a steal!  According to my research, you can purchase this collection online, or at most drugstores in the USA.

So what do you think? What is your favourite NYX product?

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Have a great weekend!

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