Brain Food For Upcoming Exams

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Summer is approaching (in Australia) and exams are coming up. Ugh...what a drag!
As a first year University student, preparing for exams can be somewhat overwhelming and INCREDIBLY stressfull.
I know this sounds rediculously obvious, but studying is the #1 way to pass. Though, other factors such as diet and wellbeing are just as significant.
Today I'll be sharing with you some of my tips to eating healthy and passing those dreaded exams!
Doesn't that sound fruitful...see what I did there? Haha.

Let's get started!


1. Stay well hydrated.
Choose your beverages well, though. Caffeine and sugar should be kept to a minimum. Since too much caffeine can make you jittery, try to drink moderate amounts (1-2 cups a day at most). Better choices include water, fruit juice, milk, and green tea


2. Snack responsibly.
Eat healthy snaks instead of junk food. While studying and you may find that you retain more. Try to get two food groups into your snacks to balance the nutrients and keep your blood-sugar level stable. Some smart snack examples are banana with peanut butter (yummm), seasame snaps, or fruit yoghurt.

3. Consume a healthy brekkie.
Chocolate, Coffee, potato crisps or last night's leftovers just don’t cut it. The idea is to get some protein, calcium, fibre and a piece of fruit. So, a bowl of cereal with milk and a piece of fruit would do the trick. Or try a fruit parfait, looks great, and it tastes even better! (These tips are essential for the morning of your exams.)


4. Eat iron-rich foods. (SOURCE)
A lack of iron in the diet could lead to difficulty in concentrating for long periods and lead to tiredness. Iron is important because it helps make red blood cells, which carry oxygen around the body. Girls need even more iron than boys because growth spurts in their teens and periods can leave them low in iron. Choose red meat, green leafy vegetables and dried fruit to top up iron intakes – a GP can advise if you are worried.

What's your tip to 'smart studying'?

I hope you found these tips helpful.
Gotta go, better get back to studying!

Stay pretty xx

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