This week's TV segment on 'The Couch'

G'day readers,

Today I have another fun video for you to watch. 
Every fortnight I present a segment called 'Gadgets & Gifts' on an Australian TV show (The Couch).

*You may have noticed the following description in a previous blog post

'The Couch promotes the people and talent of the Western Australian community, in the form of a good old chat/variety show. We have music and movie reviews, celebrity interviews, charity promotions, cooking, entertainment news and plenty of live music and dancing.' 

This week on the show, I introduced some of my personal favourite gifts and gadgets...for males, females, young and old!

As mentioned in the video, all of these products can be purchased at 'Gifts & Gadgets' (Coventry Square Markets, Morley, Perth WA).


243-253 Walter Road
Morley, Western Australia

You are all welcome to check out more fun clips on the 'videos' tab. Here's the link to the 'videos' page...just in case:

Have fun checking out future videos! (I will upload new clips every fortnight).

Stay pretty xx

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