Spring Racing Beauty 101

Hey girls,

It's that time of year again...Spring racing is here!
Therefore, its time to introduce some of my best beauty tips (do's & dont's) to looking your best this racing season. Whether you're partying at the races, or screaming at the TV in the comfort of your own home.

So....lets get started!

  1. Protect your skin - The best way to stay protected from the harshness of the sun, plus, get that 'glowing effect' to your skin, is to wear a moisturiser with SPF 30+. This way, your skin won't become burnt and flaky, ugh.
  2.  Pucker up princess - It's all about pout this season. So why not get in on the latest trend, and wow everyone with luscious lips. Why not try a bright hue, such as a fancy fuchsia or a pop of cherry red. Compliment this with a gorgeous frock and you'll be on your way to stardom! 
  3. The eye's have it! - Opt for dramatic lashes or a smokey swipe of eyeliner, not both. The trick is not to look too overdone. A bright lip and over dramatic eyes may be a tad too much. For eye makeup that lasts, remove oil from your eyelids with blotting paper or a cleanser before applying eyeshadow. Plus, avoid using moisturiser near your eye-lids.
  1. No Oompa Loompas allowed! - Whatever you do, make sure you don't apply too much spray tan. There is nothing worse than looking as if you've just been attacked by someone out of Jersey Shore. Go for a more subtle, glowing look. A great option is to use a body moisturiser with built-in bronzing ingredients.
  2. Christmas is near...but not that close - Avoid wearing too many accessories. There is nothing worse than looking like a Christmas tree. Stick to a statement necklace, dainty earrings and possibly a bracelet/bangle for the overall look. 
  3. Don' t leave your nails bare - Pamper yourself to a manicure the night before the big day! Try either a pop of colour (matching your dress) or a simple french manicure. These two can never go wrong.

My Mum & I at the races 2011

Are you all excited for the big day of racing here in Australia? I sure am!

Stay pretty xx
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