Do bargain cosmetics really stack up? (My view)

Hey look it's Monday...ugh!

As we all know, back in our early teenage years, we were pretty much all guilty of getting makeup wrong. Money’s tight, experience is be honest, mine certainly was. But, as I always think, if you don’t experiment and get it wrong, how can you learn to get it right?!

Now, that we are all a little bit older, we have more of a cosmetic range to choose from, and are infact slightly more experienced at applying makeup.

Personally, when I purchase makeup, I don't usually go for the most 'purse-clearing' choices. I'm a bit of a bargain hunter. Not saying that I've never splurged on a cosmetic product before, because I deffinately have!

Though, I belive you can easily find many cosmetic brands which are infact great quality, yet at a bargain prices :)

Today I'd like to share some of my favourite cosmetic brands which I believe are penny-saving, yet great quality:

*Notice - I was not paid for this post. The products I will be showing are my own personal fav's.

Chi Chi: 

Image: My fav product - 'Eye Magic'

From fluttering, sultry eyes, to perfectly pouting lips and glamorous finger tips, get the look normally reserved for super stars by taking a stroll through Chi-Chi-Wood. Chi Chi has the colours and attitudes of every trendsetter, fashion victim and icon.
It's Hollywood in your make-up bag!


Image: My fav product - 'Baby Lips' - Soothing Cherry

Maybelline New York is the number one global cosmetics brand and is available in over 129 countries worldwide. Offering more than 200 products, Maybelline New York combines technologically advanced formulas with on-trend expertise to create accessible cosmetics with a cool, urban edge and a spirited style. Maybelline New York is the official sponsor of New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. 

Napoleon Perdis:

Image: My fav product - 'Mosaic Gleamer'

Glamour is at the heart of the Napoleon Perdis brand. Napoleon believes it’s sourced from within; the physical manifestation of confidence, strength and allure brought to life courtesy of sophisticated makeup and professional grade tools. Napoleon Perdis channels the celebrity in every woman.

Napoleon’s key influences include fashion, Hollywood, music, art and interior design. But while his eye is focused on trends and popular culture, he is committed to translating the directional into the doable. Women always want wearable.


From professional courses for aspiring makeup artists to practical workshops for women wanting to perfect their application techniques, the Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy is another way that the brand helps to democratize makeup. The Academy, with campuses in the U.S. and Australia, has trained over 24,000 students since opening in 1995 in Australia.


Image: My fav product - 'Chubby Lipstick Crayon' - all colours!

At Designer Brands, we've taken all the ingredients, colour and quality from design label cosmetics and made them available at a more affordable price. Our complete mineral enriched range not only works to create a flawless look, but it's also lightweight, long lasting and great for your skin! With prices starting from only $4.99, you could pay more for other expensive cosmetic labels, but you definitely won't get better!

NYX Cosmetics: 

Image: My fav product - 'Nude On Nude' - eyeshadow palette

NYX Cosmetics was named after the Greek goddess who ruled the night, just like many of our fans who rule the night life in this modern techno-savvy world. We offer a wide variety of products ranging from eye shadows to foundation and brushes to eye lashes and glitter to glosses. Everything a professional makeup artist needs for the job or that a godde...
ss needs to create her look for a night on the town.

NYX Cosmetics originated and is headquartered in the heart of sunny Los Angeles. The cosmetics line was founded in 1999 by a young entrepreneur named Toni Ko. Ms. Ko has been involved in color cosmetics since she was a teenager and has always desired to create and share a line of cosmetics that provided quality products at affordable prices.

That's about all for today. Stay tuned for a full review of my newest cosmetic favourite in my you can't wait to see what it is! :)

Happy Monday...

 Stay pretty xx

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