NOTD (Revlon Top Speed polish) - 3rd October 2012

Apologies for the bad quality photo -  taken with my Ipad at Uni

Hey girlies!

Today I just have a simple NOTD post for you all.
On my nails I am wearing one of my newest favorite colour's, 'Glitz & Glam' - Revlon Top Speed polish. It reminds me of a medium blood red colour. The shade is somewhat 'vampy', though I really like the sparkle effect it gives my (somewhat) short and stumpy nails.

In my opinion, the pigmentation was decent. The consistency of the product was rather thin upon the first coat, though after applying a couple more it looked great! 'Glitz & Glam' would be a perfect girly polish for Halloween.  

To get this final result, firstly, I applied a base coat, followed by three coats of the Polish and a top coat. The nails dried hard and did not chip, yay!

Over the last few weeks I have attempted growing my nails as long as I possibly can. I find that my nails usually tend to split, break or peel...which is so annoying! Though every two days or so, I have been re-applying different nail hardeners and coloured polishes, which has helped them grow to this length so far :)

That's about all for today...happy Wednesday!

Are you excited for Halloween coming up? What will you be wearing on your nails on the spookiest day of the year?

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Stay pretty xx

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  1. I love this mani! I'm the exact same with trying to grow out my nails! They always tend to peel and break and then I just paint them and let them grow out! :)

  2. This looks great on your nails! I don't get into the spirit of Halloween unfortunately, busy busy.